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Razer Game Booster 3.4

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Razer Game Booster 3.4

Razer Game Booster 3.4

There is no doubt that many users are playing games on their computers and just as always new games require faster and more powerful computers that will allow you to play it in the best way. Before you start buying new hardware components or even entire computer you should try out Razer Game Booster that could significantly help you out to achieve maximum performances from your computer and make your gaming experience much better than before.
One of the things that we did not like is the fact that this program will offer third party software to be installed to your computer when you start the installation. This could scare away some users but the benefits that this app brings are high so it is a worth of trying. After you finish installation and run this app it will optimize your system as soon as you press Boost button.
All the changes that Razer Game Booster makes when it starts optimizing you system will be displayed and you will have a full insight into changes. Various processes and services that are not needed will be closed and if you are not satisfied with these changes you can manually restore them with no negative effects to your system.
A very useful feature for gamers is the Diagnose function that will analyze essential areas of the PC and identify the ones that might affect the gaming performance and cause crashes or other issues. The report can be saved and studied carefully at a later time so that any faults can be repaired.
You can get list of tweaks that are possible to do and that will as a result bring improved performances. You will have access to Expert mode where all these modifications can be done but have in mind that this should be used by more experienced users.
When you combine folder defragmentation and driver updating on your system you might notice significant improvements in performances of your games and entire system. With defragmentation you will be getting much faster and smoother gaming and improved load time.
Because of the large number of tools and features that Razer Game Booster brings it might look like an tool that is mainly oriented for users with a lot of experience but since everything can be done with one simple click where this app works on default setting it is also suitable for less experienced users.
Free download Razer Game Booster 3.4
Size: ~ 4 MB
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